Online Learning A Good Judge for College

Online learning isn’t easy and it’s not for everybody, but since we are being thrust into online learning, it is a good opportunity to see how your young person would do in college. I’m not talking about the actual classes because most classes are in a classroom, but how your kid goes about his/her college experience. When you go to college, there’s independence and what goes with that is self-motivation. If, during this time of forced online learning, you have to get your kid, or they’re playing video games, then what do you think will happen when you can’t barge into their room to remind them that this is school time? What about the kid that’s sneaking playing video games with their phone under the table? Is he/she going to be motivated to put that controller down when you’re nowhere around? Do you find yourself going into his/her room and finding your kid staring off into space, not looking at the computer screen? Do you think that won’t happen in college? And don’t sleep on the kid staying in the bathroom, probably using his/her phone. Kids are creative and very few are excited about school, even when college is on the line.
Parents don’t look at this in such a negative way because this may be your first look into how motivated your kid will be on his/her own. I am writing this blog because my grandson is in the 11th grade. I asked my daughter this morning how he was doing. She said that he has to be pushed; he’s a daydreamer. So, I said to her, “This is a good judge of how he will do in college.” Though he’s not going to college next year, she can now try to do something about his bad habits. We are not rich and can’t afford to send him to school to play video games or daydream through college or to pay anyone at a college to falsify his academics. He wants to be a chef, so I’m like, “Give him some recipes and let him cook!” Parents: You have to be proactive in this lockdown learning environment. Kids look at college as a way to get away from the rules and parental interference, but the actual work and focus can be a different thought. You have to go back to your 11th and 12th year in school and how you felt about school to relate to a kid today.
I personally want to see my grandson go to a trade school because his grades won’t get him a scholarship. I only can see him going to community college and letting him see if college is really for him. My daughter could just ignore the signs she sees now and go into debt to see the writing on the wall. Don’t ignore this chance to see what your kid will be like in college, if you can take this time to duplicate the college learning experience as much as you can. This opportunity may not (we hope) come around again. If you are like my daughter, start trying to emphasize the importance of college now. Let your kid know college is x amount of dollars and after bills I have x left. Let your kid know college is not party time 7 days a week. The good thing is that my family has one more year to reach him, but from what I see now, a trade school is his best bet to make a decent living in this work. I hope this blog will help some parents realize that this situation of online school is not a bad thing at all.

Covid-19 Parents Be Smart


We are tired of staying inside, but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. This virus shows no mercy to anybody, and it has disrupted life as we know it. The death numbers mount on a daily basis (I’m not putting any here because as I’m writing this, someone probably has died), and now they are talking about opening the cities when the one safe way to protect ourselves and family is by staying home. I was most disturbed about seeing people protesting to go back to work. If these people had been touched by this deadly virus, I can’t believe they would be so quick to protest. It is especially disturbing when we have a person in the White House that seems to care more about money and stock market than our lives (Yes, I do have money in the stock market and lost some). You can replace objects but not one life can you replace if, when opening the city, this virus continues to rage.
 People are losing their jobs at an alarming rate, but again, if you lose your life, where will your children be then? Or if you lose a child, how will that feel? I saw on television a parent said, “What shall I tell my child when he/she asks what’s for dinner?” We are parents. We have to make sacrifices and be creative. No, they maybe can’t eat steak or chicken, but what about a huge pot of chili or beef stew? Hell, any one pot meal … get a restaurant-sized pot and freeze some. We are spoiled. We as adults can be creative but, until now, we haven’t had to be. This can also be a teaching lesson for our children about money and saving. There’s an App called Acorns that takes your change from when you buy something and invest it. You won’t miss that 20 change from the dollar you spend. It all adds up. Our children take money for granted … $200 sneakers? And as parents, we go into debt to buy them. You have to take this time to teach them about the sacrifices that go into buying those sneakers. Parents take that little bit of money and stretch it. Just as the children learn about money, so are you. 
If you want to work that bad, Amazon, Dominoes, and Fidelity are hiring. I know some people will make more money not looking for a job with the amount of unemployment. 

COVID-19 Parents Be Smart

Parents, you have to be smart. Even as the states decide to open, you have to think first, not just put yourself and family members out in your area. If you’re going to the movies, do you wear your virus-fighting gear or are you going to believe that the movies have wiped the seat down before you sit down? If you go to the playground, are you putting the virus-fighting gear on your children or are you going to take the chance that the park people have disinfected that slide between kids? Young adults are the last to understand that their lives are more important than going to the beach. I see no way of getting it through their brains than talking to them and keep talking to them about what could happen if they decide not to abide by the rules. Young adults think they are invincible, but as parents, you have to try to reach them by any means, even if it means scaring them with death numbers and what the possibility of if he/she brings the virus home. There are big consequences.

Parents, before you send your child to school or camp, what’s that going to look like? Do the adults interacting with your child have on virus-protecting gear or will your child have to go with their gear on? You have to know what protection’s will be in place. You want it written on paper, not just a verbal promise. You need to ask your child, “Did you see anybody wipe down the chair and tables before you used it? You can find out a lot from your child. You are putting your child’s and family’s lives in danger if you aren’t diligent in asking questions. It is bad enough you have to depend on someone else to do their part in having a safe and sanitary environment for your child, so it’s important for you to do your part.
I know people are having a hard time paying their rent, and this is the time for families to come together to help each other. No one should be a throwaway person. This could mean two families in one apartment. You may be cramped, but you are alive. Remember, nothing has to be permanent. It’s all a temporary situation. The one good thing this virus has done is bring families close together.
There’s no safe place like home until there is an actual way to fight this virus, so think before you act in all situations.

Reach Out to The Thrown Away People

Reach Out To Someone

We are living in a time where unconditional love is needed. This is not the time to judge or hold animosity towards anyone. This virus has no boundaries of who it touches or why it touches that person. We all have someone in our family that we have mentally thrown away for whatever reason. The reason is not important right now. This should be a time for families and friends to come together to build a foundation that will help each of us to get through this fight. This is a fight of our lives that is happening, and it is evident by the numbers we see each day of the deaths that have taken place in such a short period of time. It’s time to reach out to that thrown away person and bring them back into the fold of family and love. Where is that person right now, do you know? I know it’s easy to dismiss that drug addict, prostitute, runaway, and anyone that doesn’t live up to the standards that society puts upon us. The throw away person might have hurt you or gave you lot of unfulfilled promises, but this is not the time to mentally pretend that person doesn’t exist. We are all worried when we hear of a family member or friend that has tested positive, but what about the family member that we don’t hear about? Will that person’s death not mean anything? Is it too hard to open your heart to that throw away and reach out to them? This virus doesn’t care about who you are or what you did, it only wants to ravish your body and kill. How can the person sleeping in an alley fight it, or what about the prostitute who sleeps with so many people? Anyone of them can carry it? These people need love and someone to care about them. They need not to be judged, but shown unconditional love. This is a time to open that mind that has been closed to that person and reach out to them. There is no such thing as “I’m tired of trying” because this virus isn’t tired of killing. You must make an effort to find and throw your arms around that person and let him/her know you got them, they aren’t alone. Nobody wants to die alone, and we see that with this virus. People are dying alone. Don’t let your thrown away person die alone. If you don’t want them in your house, then take them by the hand and lead them to get help or to any place that he/she will be safe. There are so many thrown away people out there and, normally, each of us just holds our packages a little closer to our body and walk a little quicker to distance ourselves from their presence. This is a time we should walk a little slower, and, maybe in that package, have a sandwich with a note to a place of safety. This is not a time to turn our backs on anybody. We are all human beings and should not be judged because we wouldn’t want anyone to judge anyone of us. It’s sad that, even in these times under these conditions, that so many of us still have no compassion for others. If you have a throw away person in your family (we all have at least one), reach out to them. You should never ever feel that you can’t try just one more time to reach someone. We should, especially in this time, look beyond ourselves and show some love. It doesn’t hurt, and it won’t kill you like this virus will.