Throwaway People

We know of the people that we see on the streets that have been thrown away, by choice or circumstance. There are also throwaway people much closer to you, maybe in your very own home. These throwaway people can be given this label because we have mentally thrown them away. These people are isolated, just like the people you see on street corners or lurking in the dark shadows of the night. Who are these people? They are people who are ignored, bullied, abused, and isolated. Comparing these people to the homeless – they both need help. We, as a society, ignore throwaway people. We look at them and keep walking without a thought, but when you close your mind to those closest to you, you are doing the same as if that person was sleeping on the sidewalk. When we mentally throw away a person, it’s like they don’t exist. We ignore them. We turn our heads. We isolate them by not interacting. I feel that mentally throwing away a person is worse because these are the people you know and love. I often hear people say, “I tried,” or “I’m tired of trying,” when it comes to how they can mentally remove these people from their lives. The killings, to which we are becoming all too accustomed, could be the result of people been thrown away. The rapist could be the result of being mentally thrown away. The child bully could be the result of being thrown away. The reason I can say this is because we have the best babysitter in TV and video games. These things isolate our children, but parents throw their kids in front of a TV or a computer from an early age. The child grows up only interacting with a screen; it becomes a way of life. The child becomes an adult expected to live and act as an adult socially, but he/she doesn’t know how. The adult world shows no sympathy for that adult. When there are young people with weapons and stockpiles of ammo in the same house as the parent, I can only think that the child was mentally thrown away. When you have children killing themselves due to bullying and parental neglect, I have to think they were thrown away. I say this because no matter how tired you are and how many times you try, there is always something else you can do. It is hard to believe that there is nothing else. Can we honestly turn away from a problem that we ourselves might have created? The young person in your house who is on drugs – how can you throw them away mentally? The mentally ill child showing aggression – how can you mentally throw them away? The wife who is being abused – how can you throw her away? It’s way too easy to throw them away mentally. All you have to do is turn off the part of your brain that says, “I care, I love you,” and turn it into “I will not reach out to you.” All it takes is a flip of the switch in your brain and they are gone, even if they live in the same place as you and no matter the age. The answer to the problem is it’s not easy to keep that switch on when there are so many reasons to switch it to off. We, as a society, have to do something, and at this point anything is better than nothing at all. The heart and the brain sometimes have different approaches for how to deal with problems. Is one more right than wrong? I honestly can’t say. If you are waiting for me to give you a solution, then keep waiting. Honestly, I think each of us must take a look at our lives and ask ourselves: “Did I mentally throw away somebody rather than reach out to them?” I think you have to limit television, computers and video games and stick with it. You have give your time, which is not easy for a lot of people. We are so busy with our own lives that we swear we don’t have time. There’s always time! If it’s kids – you spend time, you listen, you relate, you be empathetic, and most of all, you keep that switch on. You might try having specifically designated family time each day. You can try family reunions, so you can get more of your family involved. These are just a few things off the top of my head. I just hope that we stop mentally throwing people away. And the next time you see a homeless person, don’t turn away, but show some empathy.

My Opinion Snippets 8/5/19

The snippets for today include the weekend.

1. Mass Shooting – What can you say these types of crimes that are committed by young people. We all have to bare the failure of these young people.My opinion we need to better as parents, neighbors, friends and as a country. It’s all our failure not. I still believe that guns to don’t kill people but people kill people. Yes, there should be more regulations for guns, however I think education should also be part. The walmart in Florida is the same one I frequent, , though they did get the person attempting to shoot up the walmart in Gibsonton, Florida. I had to pause because that scenario could have gone bad in so many ways. People we have to get better our young people are crying for help and there’s nothing to wipe away the tears so they turn to anger.

2. Banana Milk – I never knew about banana milk. I going to try it and give you a review.

3. The stock market – Stocks look to tank again with trade issues getting flushed. How long will 45 let this continue before he says something to turn the market around. My opinion is 45 will this go until he thinks he’s lost to much money.

4. Tom Brady got a huge boost to his pay. My opinion is sports people get paid to mush and there should something better to do with money when you see all the problems going on. I understand people want to get paid but there should be a limit. The pay sports people get is ridiculous, nobody is worth that many millions.

5. Kids and. Preschool – Kids are getting put out of preschool at a alarming rate. This is because schools are not prepared to handle troubled kids. My opinion is schools need more education on dealing with this kids because those same kids might end up being a shooter later in life. Again, it needs to be a joint effort from schools and parents. I sometime think parents expect kids to get their guidance from schools. Have parents forgot what their role is and that schools are suppose to educate not take on their job.

6. Whose Steve Harvey dating – I hope its not who I’ve read about. My opinion go on 90 Day Fiancée if your pool of dating is used up. I am not condemning anyone from dating younger or older. What I hate is that damage can be done to the younger or older person when it doesn’t work out, which more than likely it won’t especially 20 year differences.

This is my opinion for day. What your take? Thank you in advance for your support and likes. It’s not about agreeing with me, but about you being heard.

Gender Identity, Really

I am a senior lesbian, but gender identity is something I just can’t believe in wholeheartedly. When I hear about kids as young as three going through any type of gender assignment, I wonder what has gotten into their parents . 
When I decided to write this blog, I had to look up gender identity to see at what age children start to know about gender. I was shocked to find that the age is 18 to 24 months. I mean, at that age, kids are not expressing themselves and are barely toilet trained. Children’s thought patterns at that age are not developed, so how can they understand gender? Then as they get older, when parents say, “My daughter likes to play with trucks or my son likes to dress up,” I can’t see that translating into “My child isn’t comfortable with his/her gender.” There is no rationale, even if your child stomps around the house protesting to play with toys that their peers are playing with. If a three-year-old boy likes dolls and dressing up in girls’ clothes, that use to be considered normal and something they will grow out of. This is a different time now, where everything is unisex, so how do you know the child isn’t just going through a phase? A young child emulates the people around him/her; therefore, if parents don’t give the child a chance to grow into him/herself, they are pushing their fears and thoughts onto the child. Parents, I’m sure, take the child to doctors and therapists before starting any type of gender change. I’m also sure it’s not an easy thought that your child might not be the right gender, so how can you think the child knows what gender he/she wants to be? This is the same child that is barely using a folk. I can see how an older child, say maybe twelve, may start to feel his/her hormones and have questions about his/her identity. I can see that child as a teenager engaging in bisexuality for a period just to experiment. When I grew up, experimentation was a part of growing up, whereas now it’s a gender identity problem. There is a problem with the problem. The other issue I have with gender identity regarding young children is, what happens when the child grows into an adult and now thinks he/she wants to go back to his/her birth gender? It’s not like the child can just run to the nearest doctor for a reversal. The same confusion they have as young children about gender identity will be the same confusion they will have as an adult about gender. What he/she feels it was a mistake. I have watched Jazz, and I’m not saying that for some kids maybe it is an issue, but not for kids of a very young age. My grandson, who is age five, has long hair and sometimes people mistake him for a girl. If he played with dolls and ran around in my daughter’s skirt with heels daily, I wouldn’t encourage her to think that he has a gender issue and let’s run to get therapy. I just can’t believe that at age five he knows he wants to be a girl. My advice to her would be to let him grow into himself. Kids go through all kinds of phases, and some phases can last a long time. I would encourage her to expose him to both genders of children. I know this is a highly debatable subject, which is understandable because the suicide rate for children has risen. I do love that television is bringing to light gay issues that can give a better understanding of issues young children may encounter. Parents should look at themselves to see if they play any part in gender identity issues with their child. Remember, it all starts with the parents’ shaping their child’s world. That doesn’t mean there aren’t children out there who have gender identity issues. It does mean that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t be so quick to put a label on your child at such a young age.

My New Boyfriend

You have a new boyfriend?

Yep, yummy like a cold glass of water

What does he do?

Make me happy

Where is he?

In the closet

What’s he doing?

Standing up

Can he come out?

Only at night

What’s his name?


Can I see him?

Under the covers

Is he any good?

Yep he has three speeds

Can I try him?

Unsanitary get your own

How big is he?

As big as you want he can grow

Where did you meet him?

The store

How often do you see him?

Almost Every night

Is he married?

Nope single and always free

What’s his color?

Midnight black but there’s other colors

Other colors?

Yes black brown and pink


Can’t leave out the other folks

Other folks?

Yep white and bright

Where’s he right now?

In the closet

Again with The closet.

Dick can you come out please?

He can’t talk

Can he walk ?

Not on his own

How tall is he?

About 10 inches

Is he a midget?

Nope long and lean

Can he kiss good

Nope but he feels me up

Does he have a friend?

Nope, single

Does he have his own place?

Yep, in the closet

Can you please ask him to come out?

Nope, only at night

Is there anything I can know about Dick?

Yep, puts a smile on my face. SEE!

It’s time to take from the back of the closet an boldly put in out front in your bedroom. There’s no need to be a shame. Do you remember your old boyfriend? The one that you had to cater to, had to cook for, had to do laundry and had to put yourself aside so he could feel like he is the man. Your new boyfriend comes with none of those headaches. The biggest thing is he doesn’t talk and there’s no morning breathe. You don’t have to pretend to be satisfied when you need more. You can just push a button and get more. Your new boyfriend carries none of the baggage of old relationships because he’s fresh out of the box. You no longer had to deal with I’m tired on a night when you want Dick. Maybe you should have bought dick out of the closet when you had that old boyfriend. Maybe just maybe you would still have that old boyfriend. You will never know since he’s now you old boyfriend. Your new boyfriend is always ready. You know what shout it loud I Love Dick and then scream it even louder. Don’t be shy. You might be surprised how many people have Dick hidden in their closet. Break the ice and you’ll see Dick is satisfying many people. You never had Dick? It’s never to late the stores where Dick hangs out are open late. You’ll be surprised what you might discover when you go inside, Dick has many sizes, shapes and colors. You don’t know how to use Dick? There’s instructions. What do you have to lose your old boyfriend is gone. Try something new (less headaches). You need to smile Dick can do that. Don’t let nobody make you feel bad about Dick. They are jealous. Who knows they might have a Dick in their closet and just want to throw you off. If you need a new boyfriend or maybe you just want some me time then consider Dick located in a sex store. Dick is hanging out in front for all to see. I hope when you finished smiling and glowing in the aftermath that you pass this around to your friends and see how many also have a new boyfriend named Dick.

America The Beautiful or The Bruised

There are caravans of immigrants clamoring to get into this country. Why? Because there is no country that will give them the liberties that this country does. The immigrants know one thing for sure: America is the beautiful place that will save them from the stifling country from which they came. I see that America has become a bruised country. We hear a lot about a country divided, but were we really ever together? We are a divided country much like cheap cement that falls apart with the slightest wind. The cheap cement that has held us together, as we can see, has easily separated us. Can we blame anyone but ourselves for the lack of unity? No, we can’t. We have someone who pushes the envelope just like television pushes the envelope with sex. It is no wonder the two are equated. I didn’t vote for many years, maybe into my 40s, because I felt as if my vote didn’t make a difference. When the election was over and the candidate I would have voted for (if I had voted) lost, I thought I would see that my vote wouldn’t have mattered. I have since learned not to look at it in that view but to view it as my vote could be the one vote that could have taken my candidate to the winner’s podium. I vote all the time now. How many of you have that view about not voting? Another reason to vote is because people withstood a lot to make voting a right for everyone. A lot of blood has been shed to give citizens voting rights. I had not appreciated those who came before me and actually saw the importance of voting. I bet immigrants, as soon as they are given citizenship, run out and vote. Immigrants seem to appreciate this country more than the people who were actually born here. We are a bruised country by the very same things that immigrants see as America the beautiful. I’m talking about words like freedom, equality, and the things we take for granted. As for the politicians we elect into office, sometimes I wonder if it is some kind of Ponzi scheme where the head person brings in a person and every person has to keep bringing in people to keep the game going, along with money to keep it going. It might not be money that keeps the game going but rather the laws based on whoever is in charge. The game changes every four years, and unless you’re rich, the laws seem to keep feeding the upper rungs of people. Do immigrants know about this or do they even care? I doubt it because some of their governments will kill people for going against the government, whereas in America, they just change a law or get more tax money from the people at the bottom. We are a bruised country. We are a country that needs healing, but how do we heal a country that was never whole? I was in the military in the late 70s. It was during peacetime, and I hate to say this, but our military was ill prepared to continue its fight. The military then was more like a country club. It seemed like we were tired. My spouse just retired, and, in talking to her, it seems the military has changed. It had to or we could not scare other countries into believing in our strength. The immigrants see this country as a cover of protection, while some of us hope that we can keep fooling other countries about our power. It’s a sad situation. Immigrants come here for equality, but that is a blog by itself. I will say that the equality immigrants seek is just anything, because they have never really had the type of equality and freedom that they can have here. Do they realize that many people here don’t want them in this country? Do they know that they will become a minority class, that Americans will look down on them? Hell, we Americans look down on each other, so why would we welcome immigrants? The times have changed … or have they? When immigrants came here many, many years ago, they were stuffed in neighborhoods where they were all the same. The purpose of this was to keep them under control. That has been the case throughout the centuries. The immigrants still come to America the beautiful. I sadly feel, however, that we are a bruised country that can only be healed by starting all over again from the top to the bottom. I mean instituting new laws and getting rid of outdated laws. We need laws that reflect the times in which we live. There should be freedom and equality for all, no matter how much money one has. Everyone should be on an equal playing field. Why do we have rich, middle and poor classes? What is the purpose other than to divide and make one group stronger at the expense of the other? Let every man and woman, regardless of their class, fight for a job on an equal playing field. Immigrants will continue to use any means possible to get to America, while some of us here will use any means possible to go somewhere else. As bruised as the country is, maybe it’s time to heal it. That job, I hope, will come from our future generations. Hopefully, they can join together and strip away the scab on the country and let it heal.

Gym – Don’t Make Me Go!

I hate going to the gym. That might be a little too strong, but I detest it. Detest might still be a little strong. I just plain don’t like it. It’s not that I think I shouldn’t exercise but I’d rather exercise at home. First, I don’t like that you have to get dressed, whereas I can wear my pajamas when working out at home, and when I’m really pumped I put on my compression pants and take the 10 or so steps into the little den that I turned into my exercise room. The idea of putting on clothes that match and looking good to go to the gym is mind boggling to me. Why can’t you just throw on whatever you have? But nooo… you have to plan an outfit, sometimes the night before. The gym becomes another “getting ready for work” task. How many of you shower before going to the gym? Well, my spouse takes a full shower with perfume. I find that to be ridiculous to go to the gym to get sweaty and you have to shower when you get home. I say that every time she goes to shower before the gym. I just wash the parts of my body that smell and I’m done with it. I don’t like having to leave my house early in the morning to beat the early morning crowd of people exercising before they go to work. I have joined many gyms in my lifetime, and when I walk in, there’s always someone (usually a woman) that’s made up with mascara, lipstick, and false eyelashes, whose hair looks like she just left the hairdresser. I wonder, if she looks like that to come to the gym, what does she look like going to work? That’s too much work for the gym. When I get past the fashion show at the gym, I trudge myself over to the treadmill, and about 10 minutes into my 30-minute routine, I feel somebody on the next machine taking sideways glances at the stats on my machine. I guess that’s why people put a towel over the part of the machine that shows your stats. When seeing your stats doesn’t work, the person on either side then tries to speed up their routine as if we were in a race. My spouse likes that secret competition with the person next to her. I like being home where it’s me; only me. Have you ever noticed that gyms keep their windows extra clean for the outside world to look in. You do realize that’s free advertising for them, letting people look at you pouring your heart out on the cardio machines. Then there’s women and men exercising in the same facility at the same time. I sometimes wonder, is it a place to get fit or is it a place to be social and meet your next significant other? I like being alone. Even when I wasn’t married, I still preferred being alone. I could not wrap my head that the gym as a place to meet my next date. The next thing I hate about the gym is because when people finish on a machine, how many of them actually wipe them down properly or at all? Most gyms have towels and solution to wipe down the machines readily available, but some people are in such a rush to get to the next exercise that forget about hygiene. Yuck! At least I know that at home it’s only my spouse and me using the equipment. These days, with all kinds of diseases, why can’t people be more responsible? When a person leaves a machine and doesn’t wipe it down, that means I can’t just continue my workout on the next machine, I have to wipe down the machine I’m using, plus the machine they used. Then the space allowed to workout in is usually so small because they have tried to cram every machine that they can into the gym that there’s nowhere to walk. I know that most gyms have a room for group exercising but then you have to find out when there won’t be a class so you can use the room. Now it’s no longer your schedule but theirs. Unless you are taking a class, you can do most exercises from home. There’s Peloton, which is cycling, and my favorite cycling is Virzoom, which allows you to play games or ride through different countries. When I exercise with Virzoom I enjoy cycling through Africa or somewhere in Paris. It makes the time fly by. Virzoom also has games. I really like the tank shooting games. I have weights and use Stealth, which is another piece of equipment that allows you to play games while you plank. I just bought a Dribble Up medicine ball. There’s an app that goes with the ball and you get timed exercises. The object is to stand about 6 feet from your phone screen and follow the trainer who shows you how to do each exercise. When you have the routine, then you move the ball to hit each circle using the form the trainer gave you. Have I spent a lot of money for exercise equipment, whereas I can go to the gym for $10.00 a month? Nope; I don’t think so, because my equipment will last longer because it’s only me using it. I don’t have to wait for a machine when it’s rush hour at the gym. I can just ease on down the hall 10 steps to a clean machine with no waiting line. I have now put it out there why I hate the gym. I only go when my spouse insists that I go with her. Why? I don’t know, maybe I’m so slow that I make her look good. Bravo to her, but please don’t make go with you to the gym!

Have you ever wondered what if this or that? Of course you have. It is our nature to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. Let’s play the what if game for a minute… If you’re married, and there’s trouble in paradise, you start to wonder, ‘What if I wasn’t married?’ and if you’re single, you think, ‘What if I’m was married?’ When you look at being married or single you believe the grass is greener on the other side, but is it? I said what if in both scenarios and find that it’s what you make it. Really, married or single, you should think about yourself and what will make you happy, or at least content. Some people say contentment is settling, but what is settling but being comfortable? There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. It feels good like an old bathrobe that you snuggle into and wrap yourself in. It feels good. Here’s another: ‘What if I was rich? I could move, pay off my bills and travel the world.’ Again, poor people want to be rich, but you never hear of rich people wanting to be poor. Why is that? I actually don’t understand that because generations ago people lived simply. It was not richness they wanted, but freedom and rights for themselves. You do realize that rich people have problems and their biggest problem is staying rich. Their problems are usually more expensive and can sometimes be the source of embarrassment when they’re played out in the media. When I say poor, I am looking at society on two levels: rich and poor. There’s no middle class. Again, what’s wrong with settling, being comfortable, like old slippers that are raggedy but when you stick your feet it’s soothing? You need to just be able to take care of you and yours; nothing else is needed. You appreciate what you have more when there’s some effort in getting it. When you want to go on vacation and you’re poor, you scrimp and save. If you’re rich, you take it for granted because you can go on vacation anytime. I prefer to savor my vacation by saving. One more what if is children. Now, this is a big one. A person I worked with wanted children very badly. She wanted her own, not adoption or any other method. I had a daughter and though my daughter was a good girl. I still sometimes wondered ‘What if?’ in moments when she wasn’t so good. When I compare myself and my friend, I realize that everyone wasn’t meant to have children. There are the obvious ones that shouldn’t have children, which we read about every day in the newspaper. I am not going the religious route, but when I sit here and think about it, there is no real answer to the question “What if I had or didn’t have children?” because this is God’s choice for women. What if I didn’t have my daughter? Then I would not have the ability to shape another life that could benefit the world we live in in some kind of way. I wouldn’t have a life to wrap my arms around; someone that’s a part of me. My friend still wonders what if she did have children, and to her, a part of her is missing. I do feel for her, but that was God’s plan; his roadmap for her life. She could have stopped for gas on the road and adopted, or used another method to have a child, but she stayed with God’s plan. There is no point in asking what if the plan was made. The point of all this is to stop the what ifs. If you’re comfortable single, married, money, no money, have children, or have no children – just be thankful. It is all right to settle. It’s all right to be comfortable. It’s all right to snuggle into you. I’ve learned this as the years have gone by – to just get my old robe and my raggedy slippers and be okay with that.